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Photograph of the artist Marianne Hornbuckle

About Marianne Hornbuckle

Marianne Hornbuckle has been a full-time professional fine artist for thirty + years. She started her career as a watercolorist in Houston, Texas, in the 70's, and by the mid-eighties was elected to the American Watercolor Society and awarded Dolphin Fellow. Her watercolors are in the collections of major corporations and have been published by the NewYork Graphic Society and Joan Cawley editions.

On moving to New Mexico, she continued doing landscapes in watercolor and acrylic, and drawing the human figure, which she had begun back in Houston. Her work evolved and she explored many means of artistic expression. Her current paintings are abstract, executed in acrylic.
She has also begun creating bronze sculptures of nudes, with 15 different editions available.

in 2003, when her first grandchild was a year old, she did a watercolor portrait of her as a Christmas gift for her daughter and son-in-law. More grandchildren arrived, and beautiful portraits followed. As many times before, the light bulb went on! The process and result were so satisfying to her, why not offer this opportunity to a larger group?