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Marianne Hornbuckle's Watercolor Portraits
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Portraits of toddlers

Murran Family, 2015

Materials for Your Custom Watercolor Portrait

Good watercolor portraits have more contrast than the standard studio photograph. in a studio photograph, the subject is lighted from several sides, so the light falls evenly. To the left are the materials I worked from for some of the watercolor portraits on previous pages. Though I can work from almost any photo, these are suggestions for creating or choosing material for this project....

The top painting was done from a photo taken outdoors in sunlight. The three quarter view is wonderful.

The second picture was taken without flash in natural light.
Flash flattens the face and clothing and makes a less interesting portait. I can lighten your photos, so using a flash is not necessary .

The family portrait at the bottom was composited from many digital photos sent by the family's father - the process of compositing for a watercolor portrait of 4 adults and a dog is described in my video. The client sent a large number of digital photos taken in three settings, helping me to get to know the subjects, and although the one we chose was not ideal (it was in open shade), it enabled a successful likeness of five subects in one paintg!

The portrait of the three sisters on the gallery page was painted from separate photos, taken individually at the same time and place, in the same light.

The portrait of the three sisters on the home page was made from a single indoor photograph of them before they left for school picture day!

The portrait of the little girl and her King Charles Spaniel puppiein gallery 1 was painted from an IPhone photo taken outdoors by her dad and the dog, from an IPhone photo of a photograph on a pile of papers!

As you can see, my skill enables me to achieve a very close likeness. Call me if you have questions, send me your pictures, and we'll get started!